Short Story Saturday: What it Means When a Man Falls From the Sky by Lesley NNeka Arimah

Man falls from skyWhen I read the first story of this collection, “The Future Looks Good”, I stopped, and reread it. I didn’t believe that I had correctly read the first time, or was sure that I had not properly understood. Yes, I had understood correctly. WOW.

“Light” is a lovely and touching story about how a father feels as his daughter grows, and one day, leaves the nest. “Who Will Meet You at Home” is just the opposite: a searing look at the lengths to which a woman will go in order to become a mother…to the point of death.

With stories as diverse as what I hope is Arimah’s readers, this is a volume worth your time. I suggest you read one story, then put the book down. Run an errand, complete a task, take a moment. Then read the next. You will want to give your mind time to process these stories, allowing them to fall into the proper folds, crevices, and bridges of your memory.

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