Wednesday Word: Respite

noun re·spite \ˈres-pət also ri-ˈspīt, British usually ˈres-ˌpīt\

1:  a period of temporary delay
2:  an interval of rest or relief

Origin of RESPITE

Middle English respit, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin respectus, from Latin, act of looking back

First Known Use: 13th century
Another word that I love, and think should be used more often in conversation.
This word came to mind this past weekend, as I attended a caregiver seminar at my church. One of the points made again and again is that caregivers need a time of respite. It can be very stressful to be a caregiver and often becomes all-consuming.
A time of respite, away from the tasks at hand, will refresh and renew both your body and mind.
I’ll bet you could use some respite right now!

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