Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark


The irresistible illustrated diary of one very special London dog–the perfect gift book for dog lovers of all stripes (and spots!)

Hello. My name is Plum and I’m a whoosell–a whippet mixed with Jack Russell and poodle. I especially like swimming, leaping, and croissants, and my favorite fragrance is fox poop. I live with Emma, an illustrator, and Rupert in London.

Over the last year, I’ve been keeping a diary. Emma helped with the pictures, but the words are all mine.

My take: 4 looks

A super cute idea for a book! Chock full of daily musings, activities, trips, and friendships with both animals and humans, this was a delight to read.

Plum’s language skills are admirable, love of swimming and diving impressive, and circle of friends extensive. This is a dog used to exercise, travel, and slumber parties. I truly enjoyed each page of this book, enhanced by the printing that looked like it was done in pencil. A very realistic take on what a dog’s journal would look like.

The only thing keeping me from giving a full five looks is one use of an unnecessary expletive, making this PG instead of G-rated.


Thank you to BloggingForBooks for providing a copy for this honest review.

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