Author Spotlight: Sarah Addison Allen

One of my “go-to” authors when I need a well-written book that I know will be satisfying is Sarah Addison Allen. She writes magical realism with a heaping spoon of romance and Southern living. However, she is not just a great author, she is also a great person. Read this, from her Facebook page:

A real life GARDEN SPELLS romance for Christmas:

Carl got in touch with my publicist at St. Martin’s Press:

“Ms. Allen’s book Garden Spells has a cute connection in our relationship because it was actually what my girlfriend let me borrow to read during our first “date.” It was her copy of her favorite book, and I enjoyed it as well, so I think there’s some special meaning to the work. I thought I could give her a new, maybe even a first edition of the book, as an early Christmas gift. However, I was wondering if Ms. Allen could personalize the copy, but also write something about me having a question for her, or ‘Aliyyah, Will you marry Carl?’ “

This made me smile, so of course I did it, and wished Carl good luck.

I’m happy to report that Aliyyah said, “Yes.”

How adorable are they??

1 thought on “Author Spotlight: Sarah Addison Allen”

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